I was contacted by this client who was looking for some help to revamp certain aspects of her garden. The garden was significant, with lovely mature gardens. The client felt that areas needed attention and I was happy to help her with this.

The Brief

Firstly, the client wanted to create a screen to obscure the neighbour’s barns, which were unfortunately built right up against her boundary. She also wanted to add some planting to a large section of fence, add two new trees and island beds, as well as a redesign of her rockery.

The Design

The client already had some pyracantha growing against the fence, so we opted to add to these with some additional pyracantha, but of different varieties, planted in colour blocks, to add additional interest.

I added a multi-stemmed Liquidambar for autumn interest and positioned it so that the client could see it from her kitchen, poking through the existing planting.  I also added a multi-stemmed Betula utilis jacquemontii for winter interest that I positioned in direct sight from the client’s kitchen window. Both trees were underplanted in island beds that I created with complementary underplanting.

Absolutely delightful people and just want to say what a wonderful job you did. From guidance in choosing the right plants for different areas, to planting out. Exceptional!

Finally, I redesigned the client’s rockery with some plants and bulbs that would complement the existing larger shrubs and extend the rockery’s season of interest.