Sumptuous Year-round


These clients inherited the front garden from the previous owners who had planted a pair of Acers and some conifers in a very symmetrical design

The Brief

Sadly, one of the Acers died, and the conifers were quite damaged by builders working on the house next door. The new owners were looking for an easy to look after redesign.

The Design

The front garden of this semi-detached Victorian town house came with an Acer and some rather damaged conifers. I usually prefer to keep mature trees and work them into the new design, but in this case, the garden was too small to keep the large conifers and I wanted to make a feature out of the Acer.

This garden was originally designed to look good from the downstairs windows, however, the new owners have frosted the windows, so the new design needed to look good from the street.  I thought it would be an added bonus if the planting also looked good from above, so that the owners could appreciate it when leaving their house, not just when they came home!

The clients are very busy with a young family and lots of travelling for work, so I wanted to make sure that not much maintenance would be required, but that there would be year round interest with colours that complimented the Acer.  I also wanted there to be a lot of textural interest in the planting and for the flowering species to have a long flowering period.

Karima has managed to breathe fresh new life into our very small, and what used to be a very uninspiring, front garden.  She picked a beautiful selection of plants, making sure the colours and sizes all worked really well together.  She was professional and communicative every step of the way and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services

Because we were retaining the Acer, I wanted all of the plants to look comfortable in its presence.  I also wanted the Acer to look a little more like a tree, rather than a straggly bush.  This effect was achieved by removing the lower branches, raising the canopy, which also gave us a bit more room for plants